Natto Map

There are supposedly about 500 commercial natto-producing interests in Japan, many of them small, local enterprises and farm cooperatives. This map covers about 130 natto companies, and is drawn from the membership lists of the Japan Natto Cooperative Society Federation. Please note that these names and locations were machine translated from Japanese.

(This map was made using the light version of the Google Maps engine.)

There seem to be only a handful of natto makers outside of Japan. If you’re aware of a natto producer other than the ones listed, by all means let me know.


Agro Nippo Produtos Alimentícios
Rua Baumann, 1395 – Vila Leopoldina
Sao Paolo, Brazil


Natto du Dragon
Les Templiers
83300 Draguignan, France

United States

Megumi Natto, Inc.
3620 Frei Road
Sebastopol, CA 95472

Iwamoto Natto Factory
143 Hana Highway
Paia, Hawaii 96779

Aloha Tofu
961 Akepo Lane
Honolulu, Hawaii 96817

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